SAMO : International Conference on Sensitivity Analysis of Model Output

 April 23-25, 2025 in Grenoble, France

SAMO conference (Sensitivity Analysis of Model Output) is a cross-disciplinary conference, held every three years, related to the fields of sensitivity analysis, design of experiments, model calibration and validation, structural reliability, uncertainty quantification, machine learning interpretability, explainable AI, and related application areas (engineering, environment, agronomy, finance, etc.).

SAMO is an interdisciplinary group gathering academic and technological research partners that coordinate and promote research on sensitivity analysis. In particular, SAMO organizes the International SAMO Conference every three years. More information here  https://sensitivityanalysis.org/



April 22, 2025 in Grenoble, France

Satellite event: RT-UQ PhD-day. This edition will be exceptionally coupled with the annual meeting of the RT-UQ network (former GdR-MascotNum). This satellite event will occur the day prior the conference and consists in a full day devoted to presentations and posters made by PhD students. More information here  https://uq.math.cnrs.fr/





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